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Bowler and Binnie Auctioneers are a small family run business, that is strong and robust. We will remain open throughout the COVID-19 situation, however for customer and staff safety we will be changing a few things...

Until further Notice...

We will continue with our viewing weeks, however there will be an appointment system put in place. The running of this system will be announced and put in place two weeks before our next sale (11/04).

Our scheduled auctions will continue, however they will be online only, this means that on auction day the building will be closed to the public.

We will be putting additional measures in place to allow you to bid...

Our auctions will remain live with Easy Live Auctions & The for online bidding. As always, you can leave commission bids with us, or alternatively you can request phone bids. We will have more staff available to deal with the phones on sale day and we will be dropping our 3% phone bid charge to facilitate this. We predict the option of phone bidding will be a popular on the day, so we ask that phone bids are only requested for amounts over £100, below that we would ask you to leave a commission bid- this can be done via email, telephone or during your viewing slot.

For collection of items, there will be NO collection of goods on sale day. All collections will begin on the Monday following a sale. We ask that you only collect goods if you are well and are showing no signs of temperature or cough (cold-like symptoms) on entering the building. You will also be asked, to continue using the entry procedure put in place for customer & staff safety (hand sanitise using the gel provided or wash hands in the bathroom and dry and dispose of paper towelling).

If you have symptoms of the Coronavirus and have purchased items in our sale, please contact us to inform us that there will be a delay in collecting your items and we will store them for you until you are better (we would still require payment to be made within 5 working days, this can be done by bank transfer, over the phone or via email).

If you require our services for submission of items/uplift of goods or house clearances, this service will continue. As stated above, if you are suffering cold-like symptoms, we ask you to not use these services at this time. Please further note that new protocols have been temporarily put in place for house clearances- please phone or email to discuss this.

ALL staff members will be following strict personal cleaning protocol at ALL TIMES and will be doing regular anti bacterial cleaning of all surfaces, handles and machinery

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss these further.

Please stay safe and follow government guidelines- your health and safety is our main priority

Kind Regards,

Bowler & Binnie